Trace Monotype Originals


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A Ride for Cancer Fundraiser*

Choose from the collection of twelve trace monotypes or buy the book. Each is a celebration of spring growth, life, and revival. The images were drawn from life and photographs taken in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia during the months of May and June 2021.
The trace monotype process involves placing two sheets of paper over an inked plate, then drawing on the upper layer pressing the bottom paper into the ink to create an unpredictable mirror image of your drawing. The process facilitates a rift between direct drawing and the result. Every mark, scrape, and touch are registered, but also filtered. Nothing is erased, every choice is evident and permanent. As in life, the sole option is progression
Trace Monotype, Soya-Based ink on Kozo Paper (Kozuke white)
Dimensions: 5"x7" (4"x6" active area, 1/2" border)
Image Guide, from left to right:
Top Row: Hostas Sold, Robins in the Magnolia, Tulips, Bee & Hyacinth
Middle Row: Osprey, Song Sparrow in the Oak, Weeds Surrounding a Fire Hydrant; Good Luck Starlings
Bottom Row: Magnolia Flower, Duck Family, Oak Sapling, Bad Luck Starling
*100% Proceeds will be donated to my Ride for Cancer Fund.